If a properly functioning air conditioning unit is anything, it’s quiet.

When your air conditioner is making sounds beyond the whoosh of blowing air, it’s a tell-tale sign that you have an AC repair on your hands.

When you’re working to diagnose the issue with your local HVAC company, it can help to understand what sounds are out of the ordinary and what they might tell you about your AC unit.

Sounds That Signal An AC Issue

Keep an ear out for these common sounds that indicate you might have an issue. For prompt AC installation or repair in El Monte, be sure to contact Cool City Air Conditioning today.

1. Squealing

A high-pitched squealing noise is one of the most serious sounds your air conditioning unit can make. Typically, a build up of high internal pressure catalyzes the squealing sound. This high pressure is usually formed by the compressor, and a functioning AC unit will have a sensor that signals the pressure has become too high and shut down the AC.

If you have an issue with your sensor, however, the AC unit will keep running even when the pressure levels are dangerously high. As such, you should turn off your AC unit immediately if you hear this sound. It’s best to call professionals at a local HVAC company for this type of problem.

2. Hissing

Think of the sound that you can make when you blow air through touching teeth. If your AC unit is making a hissing sound like this, it generally signals a leakage issue.

Specifically, refrigerant from your air conditioning might be leaking in a coil. If your AC unit is also having trouble producing cold air, then it’s almost certainly an issue with the refrigerant.

Because refrigerant is expensive and harmful to humans, it’s best to call an AC installation or repair company to get the job done effectively — and safely.

3. Rattling

If your AC is rattling, there’s probably a loose component in the system. It could be a coil, a fan plate, a screw, or a plate. To the untrained eye, spotting these loose components can be challenging. An AC technician, on the other hand, should be able to diagnose and fix this issue quickly.

You don’t want to keep running your AC when a part is loose, as this can compromise the integrity of the entire unit.

4. Bubbling

This sound is harder to identify than the others, but a bubbling or gurgling sound indicates that a drain might be clogged. In a more serious situation, the drainline might also be cracked.

You can turn the system off and check the drain line on your own, but it’s generally better to hire an AC installation and repair company. It can be a simple fix for someone who knows what they are doing.

Cool City Air Conditioning In El Monte

If your AC is making sounds that just don’t sound right, it’s telling you that something is wrong.

If you’re in the El Monte area, Cool City Air Conditioning is your go-to AC installation and HVAC repair company. Contact us today, and we’ll schedule a technician for service.