When it’s time for a full AC installation, you’re looking at a significant investment. Of course, this investment will be worth it when your home’s air quality, comfort, and efficiency dramatically improve. Still, for such a big endeavor, it’s imperative that you work with the best HVAC company for the job.

It’s normal to get quotes from a few different AC installation companies. Keep in mind that some companies will charge per visit while others will offer free quotes right away. Make sure you know whether or not the HVAC company will charge for the visit before you schedule it.

Questions To Ask Your Potential AC Installation Company

If you don’t know much about the world of HVAC, meeting with a technician can be quite intimidating. You don’t want to come across as ignorant, nor do you want to get swindled into an agreement that doesn’t make the most sense for you.

Consider asking these questions as you assess your AC installation options.

What’s the warranty?

Most companies offer the same types of brands (or at least the same general quality options from Carrier, Lennox, Goodman, etc.), but the warranties differ greatly.

Ask about the different warranty options per unit and also make sure you ask about the HVAC company’s own warranty process. If something is malfunctioning due to faulty installation, will they come free of charge to fix the mistake? If the unit isn’t working a year from now, does their installer warranty cover this issue?

Warranties can be complex and often you have to look into the details to see which one truly is the best deal. It’s an essential question to ask, though, so you can really compare options.

Do you recommend a high-efficiency unit?

Modern air conditioning units are made to be high-efficiency. The minimum efficiency standards of units now are far better than AC units from even a few years ago. However, high-efficiency units come with high price tags.

If you own a large home, investing in a high-efficiency unit now might make a lot of sense. You can save money on utility bills down the road, thus making your investment worth it. Plus, you have the environmentally friendly aspects as well.

If you own a smaller house that’s easier to cool, though, it might not be worth the upgrade. Ask your AC technician this question to see what they recommend — you might even see if they have your best interests at heart, or if they’re just trying to upsell you a more expensive unit.

What’s the deal with your reviews?

If you notice that an AC installation company has a few standout negative reviews, don’t be afraid to ask about this. You should hold your AC installation company to an incredibly high standard — and poor reviews never bode well.

In general, though, it’s worth it to use companies whose reviews speak to quality service, affordability, and great installation.

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