At Cool City Air Conditioning, we know that keeping up with your AC system isn’t at the top of your to-do list, especially if it’s keeping you cool and functioning whenever you turn it on.

But did you know that you could be inadvertently compromising your unit’s efficiency without even realizing it? Today’s post features a few of the most common ways you could be bringing down your unit’s efficiency.

If you recognize any of these behaviors, don’t worry. You haven’t done anything catastrophic, but it is important to have your unit inspected by a professional HVAC technician. Give us a call and schedule an AC maintenance or AC repair appointment today!

Are You Compromising Your Air Conditioner’s Efficiency?

You’re Using the Same Filter

Just as you get your vehicle’s air filter changed in regular intervals, you should also change your air conditioner’s filter every three months. If you have pets or individuals who are sensitive to allergens or airborne pollutants, you should evaluate it every 10 weeks.

Many homeowners forget to change their filter for months — or even years — at a time. In addition to dirty air passing through the system, a clogged filter will make your unit work overtime to cool your home.

If you can’t remember the last time you changed your air conditioner’s filter, schedule an AC maintenance appointment and we’ll be happy to take a look.

You Don’t Own Any Fans

As we mentioned in a previous post, strategically placed fans can cool your home without using as much energy as constantly running your HVAC system.

They’re not an either-or solution, though.

In fact, we recommend opening your windows when it’s cool in the morning. Use fans to distribute the air throughout your home, and then close your windows and turn on the air conditioner when it gets warmer outside. Once you’ve cooled your home, you can continue using fans to circulate air and keep your home comfortable.

You’re Cooling Every Room

Just as you wouldn’t purchase goods or services that you aren’t going to use, you should give some consideration to the rooms you use most frequently during the day. After all, if you’re cooling rooms you don’t use throughout the day, then you’re paying for energy you’re not using.

If you have a storage room, guest bedroom, office, or any closed spaces that aren’t being used during the day, close the vents and make a mental note to reopen them when you decide to use them. Be sure to close closet doors, as they can draw in conditioned air that could be dispersed elsewhere in your home.

Of course, you might find that you need every room in your home with everyone in your household staying inside more often than not, but it’s still a good tip to keep in mind as we work toward reopening the nation and get back to something resembling normal life.

You’re Repairing Every Time

While we’ve listed this tip last, it’s certainly not the least important one we’ll be discussing today. In fact, knowing when to replace a unit instead of repairing it might be the single most important tip we can give you.

However, knowing something like this is almost always easier said than done. In fact, it’s almost always a decision that needs to be made in the company of experts from your local HVAC company.

At Cool City Air Conditioning, we want what’s best for our clients. We know that some HVAC companies in El Monte will tell you to keep repairing a broken system, even if it’s ultimately in your long-term interests to invest in a new system.

We believe that integrity is more important than boosting the bottom line by taking advantage of our clients, and you can count on our team to help you weigh the pros and cons of investing in a brand new system. If you choose to go with us for the AC installation, you can also count on the job being done correctly the first time around.

You’re Putting Off Maintenance and Repairs

Have you ignored a strange sound coming from your unit? Have you put up with constant cycling, strange odors, or another minor problem?

It’s time to call an expert for AC maintenance.

Here’s the thing about small problems: they don’t fix themselves. In fact, they usually indicate that a bigger — and more expensive — problem is just on the horizon.

Instead of hoping that your air conditioner can make it through this summer’s scorchers, call Cool City Air Conditioning and schedule an appointment. We’ll help you determine the best course of action for your unit and help you keep it functioning at its best every season.

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