In the winter, there are days when you just want to get warm and fast. Space heaters are ideal for heating up a small space quickly. Many people love to use space heaters in their bathrooms to warm up the room for when they get out of the shower and in their bedrooms to warm up the room in the morning.

However, the misuse of space heaters causes hundreds of deaths every year. In fact, according to the National Fire Protection Association, space heaters cause about one-third of all fires in the winter and about 80% of winter fire deaths. Sadly, these are deaths and mishaps that could have been avoided.

Cool City Air Conditioning in El Monte offers HVAC services in the Southern California area. From heating and air conditioning installations to repairs, diagnostics, and maintenance, we can help you solve your HVAC problems. Below, we’ll examine some helpful tips to ensure you stay safe in the winter around space heaters. Contact us today for an estimate!


Do Keep Your Space Heater Away from Flammable Materials

Most house fires caused by space heaters happen when the heater comes in contact with a flammable material and then catches on fire. A space heater projects its heat, and if it is in use long enough, can heat up a nearby object to the point it catches on fire. One tip that Cool City Air Conditioning in El Monte loves is to always use your space heater in the center of your room, far from anything that could possibly catch fire.

Don’t Use Your Space Heater While You Are Sleeping

You are the most vulnerable while you are sleeping. Plus, if a fire were to start, by the time you woke up, it would already be well out of control. Thus, you always want to be nearby your space heater so that if a fire did start, it would be small enough to easily put out before it spread and caused major damage.

Do Place Your Space Heater on a Hard Surface

Many fires from space heaters are caused when they tip over accidentally. In order to prevent this, the best way is to place your space heater on a level surface so if it were to fall over, it would take someone knocking it over to happen. Most space heaters now shut off automatically when it senses that it is tipped over.

Don’t Use Extension Cords With Your Space Heater

While you may be tempted to use an extension cord so your space heater can reach a space you want heated up, just don’t do it. Space heaters use a lot of electricity. Thus, the cords that space heaters come with are specially designed to handle the load of that heater. When you add an extension cord which is not rated for a space heater, that cord may not be able to handle the amount of electricity that is flowing from your outlet. The result is that this cord can heat up quickly and catch something on fire that it is touching, including carpet fibers.


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